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    Episode 111 – Dragon Con 2016 Mega Preview


    Download Now

    JC and Rita bring you their Dragon Con Preview extravaganza with a 2 hour podcasts filled with interviews from DragonCon Media, Track Directors and Guests!

    Also, in our rapid fire segment we give you our thoughts on Stranger Things, Suicide Squad, Star Trek Beyond and more!

    • Opening
    • Rapid Fire
      • Stranger Things
      • Pokemon Go
      • Star Trek Beyond
      • Suicide Squad
      • Frozen Attraction at Epcot
      • Adam West, Burt Ward and Julie Nemar to do a new Batman animated movie
      • The Walking Dead – Was Daryl Lucilled?
    • Dragon Con Preview Interviews
      • Dan Carroll, Director of Media Relations for Dragon Con
      • Joe Crowe, Track Director for Dragon Con American Sci-Fi Classics Track
      • Mike Faber, Owner of the Earth Station One Network
      • Debbie Viguie, Dragon Con guest and NY Times Best Selling Author of Wicked (with Nancy Holder)
      • Jennifer Breland, Director of Dragon Con Charities
    • Doctor Who
      • Dragon Con Brit Track
      • Was Jenna Coleman a good companion after all?
      • Peter Capaldi is staying following Series 10
    • Closing – Featuring “Last DragonCon”


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    Episode 110 – Voltron Legendary Defender


    JC and Rita are back with their latest Transmissions From Atlantis! This time, we’re talking Netflix’s new original series Voltron – Legendary Defender! Is it a worthy reboot of the classic anime series? We also have exclusive interviews with the voice of the Daleks Nicolas Briggs as well as the eighth Doctor Paul McGann and we have other Doctor Who news to talk about. Finally, we have another rapid fire segment where we tackle Game of Thrones, X-men, Finding Dory, Star Trek killing fan films and more.

    Join us for another thrilling transmission!

    • Opening
    • Rapid Fire
      • BET Prince Tribute
      • X-Men Apocalypse
      • Finding Dory
      • Independence Day Resurgence
      • Game of Thrones – Battle of the Bastards
      • Game of Thrones – The Winds of Winter
      • Star Trek kills Fan Films
      • Timegate 2016
    • Voltron Legendary Defender
    • Doctor Who



    The post Episode 110 – Voltron Legendary Defender appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.

    Filming Resumed on June 4th!

    After the Seekers took a week off to attend Timegate in Atlanta and MegaCon in Orlando, we were back at it this past weekend. It was a challenging filmshoot at both Hillsborough River State Park in Thonotasassa, Florida and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. When you’re a small production, you can’t lock down a set like you normally would, so the challenge is getting good audio without outside distractions like passers-by, kids screaming, vehicles revving up engines – things like that.

    In addition, unlike greenscreen, where you can some what control the elements, the heat of the Florida sun can take its toll, the humidity saps your strength and causes issues with the equipment plus you have to deal with bugs of all types, alligators and snakes. Its a challenge.

    Thankfully, our little team banded together and made the best of a very tough situation. We hopefully got all the footage we needed to make it all work.

    Here are some set pics for you to enjoy!

    6.4.16(1) 6.4.16(2) 6.4.16(3) 6.4.16(4) 6.4.16(5) 6.4.16(6) 6.4.16(7) 6.4.16(8) 6.4.16(9) 6.4.16(10) 6.4.16(11) 6.4.16(12) 6.4.16(13)

    Transmissions From Atlantis Presents Prince – A Remembrance

    Rabid Prince fan JC De La Torre and his lovely wife Rita give you a very special rememberance of the live and music of the musical genius Prince Rogers Nelson. Includes rememberances from Sheila E., Cee-lo (from their appearance on the View) and Lenny Kravitz (from a radio appearance) as well as some emotional rememberances from the Prince Army and Prince Tribute artist, Sir Jac.

    Transmissions From Atlantis Presents Prince – A Remembrance

    • Opening
    • For You
    • Prince’s 2nd Album
    • Dirty Mind
    • Controversy
    • 1999
    • Purple Rain
    • Around the World in a Day
    • Parade
    • Sign O’ The Times
    • The Black Album/Lovesexy
    • Graffiti Bridge
    • Diamond and Pearls
    • Love Symbol Album
    • The fight with Warner Brothers
    • The Gold Experience
    • Emancipation/Crystal Ball
    • Raven U2 the Joy Fantastic
    • Musicology
    • One Night Alone/N.E.W.S.
    • Art Official Age/PectrumElectrum
    • The End – featuring JC, Sir Jac and comments from the Prince Army
    • Closing – Featuring the instrumental cover of Purple Rain by the amazing Neil Zaza.

    Come see us at Time Gate!



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    Day Four Complete!

    It was another fun day at the office for the Seekers crew as we wrapped on Day Four of Principal Photography. So you want to be a producer? How do you handle one of your stars getting her hand mangled by her cat (so much so she needed to go to the hospital) and one of your other stars getting in a car accident on the way to the shoot? Add to that, the pool you planned on shooting at obviously will not work and your fancy restaurant that you were planning on filming at decides it would rather not have any publicity (which I find highly irregular – what place doesn’t want more publicity? Its no wonder its always empty in there).

    It was a stressful day but all worked out as we did our first on location shoot of the program at a Hotel in Wesley Chapel.

    For those of you worried, yes Allison should be okay with her hand and Shanel’s car received just minor damage. She was fine.

    We were so proud of the team being able to overcome Saturday’s challenges and put together an awesome day. We got everything done we were striving for, we worked around the Pool and Restaurant fiascos and still came up with some compelling scenes.

    Here are some shots!

    SeekersDay4_1 SeekersDay4_2 SeekersDay4_3 SeekersDay4_4 SeekersDay4_5jpg SeekersDay4_6