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    War of the Worlds

    Earth Station Boo 3 – Season of the BOO!

    Earth Station Boo 2014
    Calling all dorky demons and geeky ghouls! It is once again the time of year where spooky spirits roam the dusty corridors of Earth Station One and Phantom Troublemaker possesses the transmission to bring you the creepiest and scariest show of the year!

    That’s right, Phantomaniacs – Earth Station Boo has returned from the dark spirit world and is ready to haunt your nightmares!

    Join Phantom Troublemaker, Mike GORE-don, Beth Van BOOsen,‘s Jonathan KILLiams, and Mark STARK RAVING MADdox for a terrifying transmission the likes of which would make Michael Myers shout, “GAME OVER, MAN!”. In this episode, we take a look at horror in science fiction. We discuss the elements of horror that have been used in the science fiction genre throughout the years and the roots of that usage. Let us know via comments or Station Feedback which are your favorite movies, TV shows, comics, or whatever!

    We also give our personal favorites, some of which might surprise you (and some that might not).

    So bring the hounds in, feed the xenomorphs, and kick back in your statsis pod with a nice bowl of Soylent Green, it’s time for

    Earth Station Boo!

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    Episode 70 – Indiana Jones and the Bogarted Cosplay

    JC and Rita return with a swashbuckling new episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. This week we talk about the phenomenon that is the Indiana Jones franchise. What was great? What was terrible? We tell you! In Cosplay, Rita and Allison are joined by coplayers Sasha and Lillian to dicuss the growing epidemic of Cosplay theft – the act of claiming a cosplay you purchased or had someone else make for you is something you created on your own.  In audio theater, the fine folks from Campfire Audio Theater give us their thrilling version of The War of the Worlds. Finally in Doctor Who we discuss the possibility of the return of the Master and review the Eighth Doctor Audio Invaders From Mars.

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    Transmissions From Atlantis 70

    0:51 – Opening

    2:03 – Main Topic – Indiana Jones

    46:08- Cosplay – Stolen Cosplays

    1:08:52 – Audio Theater – Campfire Radio Theater’s War of the Worlds

    1:46:09 – Doctor Who – The Master returns and Invaders from Mars

    1:57:20 – Closing featuring Goldentusks’ Indiana Jones Theme with Lyrics!


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    The post Episode 70 – Indiana Jones and the Bogarted Cosplay appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.