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    The Caretaker

    Episode 87 – Once Upon a Time is Frozen Over

    JC and Rita are back with another action packed episode. This week the duo debate whether Once Upon A Time have jumped the shark with it’s introduction of the characters of Frozen. They also give you their picks for Halloween movie and television watching and tell you whether The Caretaker or Kill the Moon earn the raspberry of being the worst episode of the season. All this plus Dr. Geek’s Science Fair, Star Mage and more!

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    Transmissions From Atlantis 87 – Once Upon a Time is Frozen Over

    Line Up

    • Opening
      • Dr. Geek’s Science Fair Review
      • Star Mage reminder
    • Once Upon a Time gets Frozen
    • Rita and Jason’s Halloween Movie Primer
    • Dr Geek’s Moment in Science
    • Doctor Who
      • The Caretaker
      • Kill the Moon
    • Closing featuring Pair of Dice & Ginjo’s Let it Go Techno Demi vs. Idina Remix featuring Idina Menzel and Demi Lovato)

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    JC De La Torre, author of the critically acclaimed novel Ancient Rising, gives us a new fusion of Science Fiction and Magic in Star Mage! Darien Connors discovers he’s not from Earth, has strange magical powers, and is the key in an ancient war between two alien races of necromancers. Star Mage offers wizard battles with a side of spaceship warfare, alien worlds, and weird creatures.

    All six issues of the first series of JC De La Torre’s Sci-Fi and Fantasy Epic Star Mage are collected in to one awesome trade paperback. Including the six issues, this collection also features a new Star Mage story written by White Chapel co-writer Martin Dunn with art from Derrick Fish, crests of the Houses of Lambdu Kishpu and concept art by Ray Dillon and Franco Cespedes.

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    Earth Station Who Episode 81 – The Caretaker

    Earth Station Who Ep 81
    The ESW crew go under deep cover in familiar stomping grounds for the sixth episode of the eighth series. Mike, Mike, Jen, the Phantom Troublemaker, and Angela Pritchett attend Parent’s Evening at Coal Hill and are surprised to find a disruptive influence. Feel free to canoodle while listening.

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    Titans 8″ Trenzalore Tardis (NYCC Exclusive)

    If you would like to leave feedback or a comment on the show please call the ESW feedback line at (404)963-9057 (remember long distance charges may apply) or feel free to email us @

    The post Earth Station Who Episode 81 – The Caretaker appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.