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    Shanel Sparr

    Episode 122 – The Return of MST3k and Doctor Who


    JC and Rita celebrate the return of two amazing shows, Doctor Who and Mystery Science Theater 3000. Also in Rapid Fire we talk The Last Jedi, Spider man Homecoming, Thor Ragnarok and remembering Prince.

    Listen to Episode 83 for the Joel Hodgson Interview.
    Listen to TFA presents Prince – A Remembrance for our remembrance of the Purple one.

    Download Episode 122 Now!

    Transmissions From Atlantis 122

    • Opening
    • Rapid Fire
    •  MST3k
    •  Doctor Who
      •  The Pilot
      •  Kris Marshall is Doctor Who?
      •  Mirror reports that Christmas Episode will feature the first doctor and tie into Day of the Doctor
    •  Closing featuring Prince’s Starfish & Coffee



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    Episode 121 – Beauty and the Beast plus the Season Finale of the Walking Dead


    TFA returns as Rita gushes over the live action Beauty and the Beast – Plus – The Walking Dead Season Finale and will Peter Capaldi regenerate in Doctor Who BEFORE the Christmas Episode? All this and more on TFA 121!


    Transmissions From Atlantis 121

    • Opening
      • Seekers of the Lost Worlds
    •  Rapid Fire
      • Iron Fist
      • The Walking Dead Season Finale
      • Attack on Titan Season 2
      • MST3k returns – April 14th
      • Valerian full trailer
    • Beauty & The Beast
    • Doctor Who
      • Bill is gay
      • Bill a one season companion?
      • Capaldi regenerates in season 10 finale?
      • Phoebe Waller-Bridge is the new favorite to be the next doctor?
      • Series 10 Episode Titles
    • Closing featuring more music from Beauty and the Beast




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    Episode 120 – Logan and is Kris Marshall the Next Doctor Who?


    A special live event – Transmissions From Atlantis was live on youtube for the very first time. In this episode, we’ll be talking the new X-Men film, Logan, along with Doctor Who – Is Kris Marshall the Next Doctor? That, plus the Walking Dead, Sleep Hollow, an interview with Seekers of the Lost Worlds Star Shanel Sparr and much more!


    Transmissions From Atlantis 120

    • Opening
    • Seekers of the Lost Worlds
      • Interview with Shanel Sparr
      • Follow the campaign – its Free!
    • Rapid Fire
      • The Walking Dead
      • Sleepy Hollow
      • Voltron Renewed
      • Taboo (renewed too)
      • Pirates 5 Trailer
      • Beauty and the Beast Le Fou Controversy
    • Logan
      • Movie Review
      • Deadpool 2 trailer
    • Doctor Who
      • Class Dismissed
      • Kris Marshall the next Doctor?
      • The Mondas Cybermen return

    See the video version of this podcast here –



    The post Episode 120 – Logan and is Kris Marshall the Next Doctor Who? appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.

    Principal Photography is Done, Post Production Begins on Seekers!

    FilmingLastDayWell, its been about a minute hasn’t it? I apologize for not giving you more fun nuggets of the process. Rita and I dove headlong into post production and for those of you who have never experienced the joy of putting your film together – it’s definitely an all-encompassing experience. More on that in a second.
    Since we’re in post production, obviously we wrapped on principal photography of Seekers of the Lost Worlds. It was a fun last day, where we filmed some car scenes, did some re-shoots and pickups on some other scenes we needed.

    After we completed filming, we had a fun wrap party were we had gifts handed out (movie posters for each member of the cast, signed by the cast and production team) and we watched a fun gag reel that I threw together at the last minute. By the way, you’ll get to see a polished version of that gag reel with our subscription service. More on that in a later post.

    In any event, it was a fun time and I can’t tell you how much we miss Jim, Shanel, Allison and the rest of the cast and crew. We hadFilmingLastDay3 such fun with this group, we hope it will translate on the screen.

    That’s what post-production is all about. Not only is about adding special effects, color correction, foley and music but you are crafting your story and creating the mood with color balance. Its looking at what you shot, discarding what you can’t use or what made sense at the time but doesn’t now. It’s seeing what you screwed up on and either scheduling a reshoot or putting it in the discard bin.

    While Rita and I have done small web productions before – this was our first full on feature production and it was a definite learning experience. We did some things really well and we did some things completely bass ackward. I know we’ll be taking a lot of the things we’ve learned with this production and apply it going forward.

    When we started Seekers of the Lost Worlds, we had ambitions for a little youtube webseries. Each episode was written for 10-12 minutes in length and there were going to be eight of them.

    As we’ve worked through the story and our ambitions have grown a little bigger, we wanted to do more than just that little web PostProductionseries. It’s caused us to rethink how we’re putting it together. First we thought of combining the episodes into four 20 minute episodes – a mini-series if you will but with most mini-series having at least 45-60 minute episodes, that wasn’t going to work. Then we thought, well, maybe two 40 minute episodes.

    First, that was kinda lame. Two episodes doesn’t really make a mini-series and truth be told, of the footage we shot, we may have 70-75 minutes of usable footage.

    So Seekers of the Losts Worlds will be a feature film. It actually makes our life a lot easier, as now we don’t need to make two different version (mini-series and film) to distribute to Netflix and overseas.

    Its also easier on you, our beloved Seekers. You won’t have to purchase multiple episodes, you can just purchase (or rent) the film. I think it works better for everyone around.

    So that’s where we are – headlong into post production. We’re a tiny bit behind schedule do to…well, life, but well on track to giving you what we hope is a fun, entertaining adventure.

    Be sure to follow us on twitter @SeekersOTLW and on Facebook for the latest info on how things are going.


    Filming Resumed on June 4th!

    After the Seekers took a week off to attend Timegate in Atlanta and MegaCon in Orlando, we were back at it this past weekend. It was a challenging filmshoot at both Hillsborough River State Park in Thonotasassa, Florida and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. When you’re a small production, you can’t lock down a set like you normally would, so the challenge is getting good audio without outside distractions like passers-by, kids screaming, vehicles revving up engines – things like that.

    In addition, unlike greenscreen, where you can some what control the elements, the heat of the Florida sun can take its toll, the humidity saps your strength and causes issues with the equipment plus you have to deal with bugs of all types, alligators and snakes. Its a challenge.

    Thankfully, our little team banded together and made the best of a very tough situation. We hopefully got all the footage we needed to make it all work.

    Here are some set pics for you to enjoy!

    6.4.16(1) 6.4.16(2) 6.4.16(3) 6.4.16(4) 6.4.16(5) 6.4.16(6) 6.4.16(7) 6.4.16(8) 6.4.16(9) 6.4.16(10) 6.4.16(11) 6.4.16(12) 6.4.16(13)