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    Living Legend

    The Oncoming Storm Ep 97: BF DWM 3-4 – That One with the Talking Mouse

    TOS logo ep 97This week, The Oncoming Storm returns to the worlds of Big Finish, looking at not just one, but two bite sized stories that were free! Well, free with a magazine that came out ten years ago, but nevertheless…

    Yes, we know. This week was supposed to be our episode on the next New Adventure, Tragedy Day. Unfortunately, events beyond out control (Ashley) made it so we couldn’t record that particular episode. We sincerely apologize (blame Ashley) but to make up for it, Josh, Sacha, and Rachel (Not Ashley) are here for episode 97 to cover the next two Doctor Who Magazine Big Finish freebies, No Place Like Home by Iain McLaughlin and Living Legend by Scott Gray. Sit back, relax, and enjoy some discussion on two light hearted stories featuring the 5th and 8th Doctors, and we’ll be back on schedule next week. The Oncoming Storm… this time, we’ve got two Doctors. a talking mouse, and no Ashley!


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