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    The Oncoming Storm Ep 101: NA # 25 – The Reference Game

    TOS logo ep 101All Aboard the Good Ship Continuity! This week it’s the first novel by the undisputed King of Classic Doctor Who References in novels/audios, Legacy by Gary Russell! We hope you really like references!

    The week passed without incident, and everyone at The Oncoming Storm HQ is still in a good mood from last week’s celebration. Since Ashley was on his bestest behavior all week, Josh and Rachel have decided that they will let Ashley in on reviewing the next New Adventure, Legacy by Gary Russell. Ice Warriors, a return to Peladon, Alpha Centauri… You’re think Ashley’s secret diary was being reviewed! The 7th Doctor and Benny are playing Columbo as they track down a thief and murderer among Peladon’s mixture of delegates and royalty. Meanwhile on the show, Ashley lectures everyone on why the Peladon stories are great, Rachel is lost amid all the continuity, and Josh is harboring a deadly secret that could bring down the entire podcast! The Oncoming Storm… This time, we’ve got Peladon, the CIA, Goth, Deva Loka, Telos, the 3rd Doctor, Mavic Chen… er, what DON’T we have??? Oh, right. Ace.


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