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    Diagon Alley

    Episode 80 – Diagon Alley, SPOILERS, and Disney’s Frozen Spectacular

    JC and Rita return for their 80th episode and it’s a wild one. Rita can barely contain herself as she talks about Universal Studios Florida’s new addition to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter Diagon Alley as well as Disney Hollywood Studios’ Frozen Sumertime Fun spectacular. Doctor Geek tells us what STEM is and JC and Rita tell you why you shouldn’t be watching those naughty Doctor Who rough cuts of Series 8′s first episode with Peter Capaldi. It’s Spoilers, sweetie!

    Much more after the jump!

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    Transmissions From Atlantis Episode 80 Lineup

    • 1:33 Opening
    • 4:52 Star Mage, Continuum Force and White Chapel
    • 8:25 Diagon Alley and Disney Hollywood Studios Frozen Summer Fun
    • 43:58 Doctor Geek’s Moment in Science – STEM
    • 47:06 Doctor Who – SPOILERS!
    • 1:03:05 Closing (featuring Kool and the Gang’s Celebration)

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