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    Daniel O’Mahony

    The Oncoming Storm Ep 135: NA #32 – Season’s Greetings and Happy TORTURE

    TOS logo ep 135Now that the mistletoe is hung and our stockings have been put up, The Oncoming Storm can finally release their holiday episode! It’s all about two psycho godlike entities mentally abusing and physically torturing the Doctor, Ace and Benny! Ok, so maybe it isn’t your traditional holiday special… or even anything to do with the holidays at all, but it should be fun talkin about… all… the… torture. Just listen ok? And a reminder: Due to the holiday schedule here at The Oncoming Storm, we will be off for the next two weeks. But Don’t Worry! We’re back with all new episodes January 8th!


    The holidays are fully upon us. For some, it’s a magical, happy time. For others, a nightmare of obligations and consumerism. And for the special few, it’s all about reading books about torture and death! That’s right, The Oncoming Storm is here this week looking at New Adventures novel Falls the Shadow by Daniel O’Mahony. A tender holiday tale about extra-dimensional beings who come to wreck havoc and death because they are bored, this story see Josh, Ashley, and Rachel really getting into the holiday spirit! So put on your best splatter proof holiday sweater, break out the pliers, and get ready to go to town with us! The Oncoming Storm… This time, we’ve got a bunch of dead bodies! A lotta lotta dead bodies. Um… Merry Christmas?



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