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    Crew Call

    Day Four Complete!

    It was another fun day at the office for the Seekers crew as we wrapped on Day Four of Principal Photography. So you want to be a producer? How do you handle one of your stars getting her hand mangled by her cat (so much so she needed to go to the hospital) and one of your other stars getting in a car accident on the way to the shoot? Add to that, the pool you planned on shooting at obviously will not work and your fancy restaurant that you were planning on filming at decides it would rather not have any publicity (which I find highly irregular – what place doesn’t want more publicity? Its no wonder its always empty in there).

    It was a stressful day but all worked out as we did our first on location shoot of the program at a Hotel in Wesley Chapel.

    For those of you worried, yes Allison should be okay with her hand and Shanel’s car received just minor damage. She was fine.

    We were so proud of the team being able to overcome Saturday’s challenges and put together an awesome day. We got everything done we were striving for, we worked around the Pool and Restaurant fiascos and still came up with some compelling scenes.

    Here are some shots!

    SeekersDay4_1 SeekersDay4_2 SeekersDay4_3 SeekersDay4_4 SeekersDay4_5jpg SeekersDay4_6

    More Set Pics – Day Three

    We were back at it again on Saturday, May 14th. Filming some very critical scenes for Seekers of the Lost Worlds. As always, our actors brought it and we had an amazing day.

    Shanel and Jim filmed a very emotional scene today and basically blew our minds away with their performance. You guys are really in for a treat.

    Both Debbie and Allison brought their A game as well, giving us a highly productive day.

    Rita took the director’s chair today and was also behind the camera for most of the shots. My biggest challenge was not being all control freaky and letting her do what she wanted. I was okay (mostly).

    Anyway, here are the set pics!

    Production Crew Call

    Transmissions From Atlantis Entertainment in association with Brazen Wench Productions, LLC is looking for essential crew for our web series Seekers of the Lost Worlds.

    Filming for Seekers is scheduled for Saturdays in mid-April through late June – 10 to 12 days total.

    This is an adventure series – Indiana Jones meets National Treasure – There will be some greenscreen work as well as on location shooting.

    Filming will take place primarily in the Central Florida region (Orlando and Tampa Bay area).

    The positions are PAID relative to experience.

    —-Cinematographer/DP—– FILLED

    Please provide your day rate and a link to your showreel. Familiarity with the BlackMagic Production 4k Camera or other Blackmagic Cinem cameras a major plus.

    —Boom Operator/Sound—- FILLED

    Familiarity working with Sennheiser, Rode or Zoom equipment a plus.

    —-Visual FX— FILLED

    Please provide your rate. We will require some visual fx on existing objects and scenes but we might even push the envelope a bit with a little more, depending on cost and your creativity.

    —Set Decoration/Prop Master— No longer required

    —Special FX Makeup— FILLED

    We will require some special fx makeup (making a young man look aged/old).

    —Social Media/PR Manager—

    —Production Assistants/Interns— FILLED

    This is a non-union web based production on a microbudget. Affordability will factor in, but if your reel blows us away we’ll try to find a way.

    While experience is a major plus, we also believe in giving students opportunity to expand their resume and learn new techniques. If you’re a recent film schedule graduate or currently attending, we will consider you!

    Crew based in Florida is preferred.

    If interested, please contact me at

    For more on the project, visit