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    Chris Eccelston

    Episode 44 – Man of Steel, True Blood and TFA Comics

    JC and Rita De La Torre return for another exciting episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. In this week’s episode, JC gives you the scoop on Transmissions From Atlantis Comics, Star Mage’s Kickstarter Relaunch and the new artist joining the Star Mage team, Franco Cespedes. Superman buff Dr. Scott Vigue reviews Man of Steel, we review the season premiere of True Blood and have 90 missing  Doctor Who episodes been found? Finally, Legacy Who continues our series on the Doctors with Chris Eccelston’s Ninth Doctor. All that and much more on TFA!

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     Episode 44 – Man of Steel, True Blood and TFA Comics!

    1:28 Opening

    3:28 Sci-Fi News

    Introducing Transmisssions From Atlantis Comics

    TFA Comics hires Franco Cespedes to join the StarMage team

    StarMage kickstarter campaign – Take Tw0

    Dr. Scott Vigue reviews Man of Steel

    Ryan Reynolds is no longer in Highlander

     36:02 Horror News

    True Blood Season Premiere – Season 6, Episode 1 – Who Are You, Really?

    46:35 Doctor Who

    Lost Episodes of Doctor Who have been found? Or Have they not? Or Have they?

    57:26 Legacy Who Redux

    Chris Eccelston – the 9th Doctor

    1:15:30 Closing featuring Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville


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