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    Big in Japan

    Ratchet RetroCast Episode 31 – GOJIRA – KING OF PODCASTS!

    Ratchet RetroCast Ep 31Run! Its Perry Mason!!! No wait, its GODZILLA!!!!! The kaiju have arrived in this episode of The Ratchet Retrocast! While Tokyo is attacked, Q, Strangeway, Ratchet and newcomer Ashley discuss the history of kaiju films and the King of Monsters himself, Godzilla. Joining them is Timothy Price, author of Big in Japan, to talk about his favorite films, his book, and Monsterama. Meanwhile, Brett King of ConTemporal visits for Clockwork Conversations and Ashley takes to MomoCon to find out what everyone’s favorite kaiju film is. So hide your children, hide your wives as we destroy Tokyo yet again(and there goes Pod 6).

    Show Notes:
    History of Kaiju
    King Kong –
    Godzilla (1954) –
    Secrets of the Dead: World’s Biggest Bomb –
    Pacific Rim
    (Bonus Pac Rim Cosplay of awesome)
    Godzilla Final Wars
    Giant Robo –
    New Godzilla Film (check out ESO’s review of the movie) –
    Big in Japan
    Shatterdome Atlanta –
    Reaction Interviews taken at MomoCon
    Alabama Phoenix Festival
    King of Tokyo

    Clockwork Conversations with Brett King of ConTemporal
    Mystery Radio Theatre Radio Plays produced by Contemporal

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