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    Doctor Geek’s Lab – Episode 14 (S2 E8) – Pedantic’s Lab!

    Rita and JC guest star in the latest episode of Dr. Geek!

    The episode summary:

    The next chapter in our season two finale is here! Professor Pedantic struggles through his first day as the director of the Laboratory of Applied Geekdom.  But, he does manage to introduce our first interview into bionics, with Mr. Mike Hogan.  What bionics is actually capable of surprised even Doctor Geek.

    Oh and what of Doctor Geek?  In his exile, he has teamed up with The Cobalt Parrot’s Cantina’s own Rick and Sam.  While building a dimensional backdoor to the lab, Doctor Geek is sent to the far future where, no pressure or anything, he learns that the universe depends on him retaking the lab.   

    Check out the zany madness of Doctor Geek by clicking here!

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