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    audio theater

    Doctor Geek’s Lab – Episode 14 (S2 E8) – Pedantic’s Lab!

    Rita and JC guest star in the latest episode of Dr. Geek!

    The episode summary:

    The next chapter in our season two finale is here! Professor Pedantic struggles through his first day as the director of the Laboratory of Applied Geekdom.  But, he does manage to introduce our first interview into bionics, with Mr. Mike Hogan.  What bionics is actually capable of surprised even Doctor Geek.

    Oh and what of Doctor Geek?  In his exile, he has teamed up with The Cobalt Parrot’s Cantina’s own Rick and Sam.  While building a dimensional backdoor to the lab, Doctor Geek is sent to the far future where, no pressure or anything, he learns that the universe depends on him retaking the lab.   

    Check out the zany madness of Doctor Geek by clicking here!

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    First Teaser Trailer for Continuum Force

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    Chris Harrington joins the Cast of Continuum Force!

    Chris Harrington Headshot 2014Brazen Wench Productions and Transmissions From Atlantis is very excited to announce the addition of veteran voice actor Chris Harrington to the cast of Continuum Force! Chris is indeed an actor in spite of all his many attempts to be something else. He is currently playing the role of “Mr. Flask” in the audio adventure “Dr. Geek’s Laboratory of Applied Geekdom.” He recently appeared in Broken Pieces, directed and produced by David Toda. Late in the twentieth century, he performed in three seasons as a member of the Comedy troupe “Humerus” of Davis California, despite having never attended the university there. Before that, he has participated in numerous drama classes and school productions mostly for his love of behaving strangely while wearing silly costumes.

    Chris received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011 for Visual Effects and Animation from the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. It turns out being a good animator means being a good actor too, so in one of his last semesters at the Academy, he played roughly half of the role of the Uncle in Paula Vogel’s “How I Learned to Drive,” again under the direction of David Toda. This constant, off-again on-again fascination with acting lead Chris to the role of Mister Flask, and his degree and various other life experiences allowed him to also wear the hats of Art Director and “Audio Imagineer” for Dr. Geek’s Lab.

    If he had a motto it would be, “Live simply, and have complicated fantasies!”

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    Lorie Kellogg joins the Continuum Force!

    LorieKellogg-headshot-OCT-2013-06-150dpiContinuum Force is proud to announce the addition of Lorie Kellogg to our growing cast line up.

    Lorie will play Rebecca Dannard, as well as many of the incidental characters on the show. Lorie received a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute where she studied painting, printmaking, photography, commercial design and video. Continuing to Graduate School at the California Institute of the Arts she received her MFA in Film/Video.

    After meeting her husband Joe Bevilacqua in 1996 they created Waterlogg Productions. Lorie began to utilize her comic voice and created many characters on their 4 year run of the Comedy-O-Rama Hour on XM radio. Lorie’s work can be heard on audio books and podcasts that include radio drama, science fiction, documentary, comedy and biography and all are available for download at All their podcasts and audio books can easily be found on her Waterlogg Productions Podcast app and can be downloaded at the Google Play Store for free.

    Lorie is still a graphic designer creating all the design for Waterlogg Production. She also designs websites, logos, newsletters, newspaper & magazine layout, package design, ad design, and edits video & audio. As well as The Comedy-O-Rama Hour, Lorie interviews authors on her podcast Lorie’s Book Nook for The Bear Manor Radio Network (

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    Episode 73 – MARVEL Movie Madness!

    JC and Rita are back and going on MARVEL movie overload! From Blade to Captain America – The Winter Soldier, the dynamic duo break down the MARVEL Cinematic Universe and all things in between! In our Audio Theater segment, the Atlanta Radio Theater Company gives you Narobi Jack Rackham. In Doctor Who, we tell you what Tom Riley might be playing in the show, we tell you why the TARDIS hates Clara (according to Moffat) and we review the Eighth Doctor audio The Seasons of Fear. All this and more on TFA 73!

    Links and Lineup after the jump

    Download Now!

    Episode 73 – MARVEL Movie Madness!

    0:51 Opening

    2:16 Main Topic – Marvel Movie Madness

    19:51 Doctor Geek’s Moment in Science

    22:43 Audio Theater – ARTC’s Narobi Jack Rackham!

    1:02:10 Doctor Who -


    1:12:19 – Closing featuring Scott Stapp’s The Great Divide

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    The post Episode 73 – MARVEL Movie Madness! appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.