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    7th Doctor

    Earth Station Who Episode 72 – The Happiness Patrol

    ESW Ep 72The ESW crew get happy! Mike, Mike, Jen, and comic book colorist Charlie Kirchoff travel with the Seventh Doctor and Ace to get some sweets from the Kandy Man. But will this saccharine story turn us into Killjoys? Don’t worry, on Terra Alpha “Happiness will prevail.”

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    If you would like to leave feedback or a comment on the show please call the ESW feedback line at (404)963-9057 (remember long distance charges may apply) or feel free to email us @

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    The Oncoming Storm EP 96: BF # 39 – BANG BANG, You’re Dead!

    TOS logo ep 96It’s time for another episode of the exciting podcast you’ve been waiting for! But first, The Oncoming Storm!

    Dying is easy… Comedy is hard. Or at least, very subjective! Episode 96 of the Oncoming Storm sees a schism in the ranks form, as your hosts Josh, Ashley, Sacha, and Rachel take sides in the discussion of Bang Bang A Boom! by Gareth Roberts and Clayton Hickman. Pantomime is in the air as the Seventh Doctor and Mel get involved in galactic politics, a song contest, and… MURDER (DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN)! The bad jokes, and worse puns, are flying left and right. It’s silly parody to the extreme, but is it any good? Before our hosts give their opinions though, they take time to debate the discussion topic of the week: Should Doctor Who do outright parody stories? Join the team and find out who has can take a (bad) joke, and who might need surgery to remove the stick from his posterior! The Oncoming Storm… This time, we’ve got a talking hamster! Like Jar Jar Binks, only furrier.


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    Twitter! Josh, Ashley, Sacha

    The post The Oncoming Storm EP 96: BF # 39 – BANG BANG, You’re Dead! appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.