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    Ancient Rising (Book One of the Rise of the Ancients Saga)

       ARNew3DcoverShort Synopsis: The JC De La Torre classic is back and better than ever. In 2005, Ancient Rising introduced the world to Dan Ryan, the hunt for Atlantis and the Greek Gods. Called by reviewers as "breathless, moving at a breakneck speed" and "fast moving adventure that fits into the Clive Cussler/Dan Brown mode," the novel has become a cult phenomenon that endures. The author is re-releasing this novel as a companion to the 3D audiobook experience that features award winning radio theater personality Joe Bevilacqua and has been listened to around the world on Sirius/XM. This new version of Ancient Rising offers a tighter, better paced story and a new foreword by the author giving intimate background on the genesis of the Rise of the Ancients saga. A must for sci-fi readers and action/adventure enthusiasts. Book Details: Printed version- Printed: Paperback, 340 pages, 5.0 x 8.0 in., Perfect-bound ISBN-10: 0978527267 ISBN-13: 978-0-9785272-6-6 Paperback Suggested Retail Price: $9.95 BUY NOW AT AMAZON Copyright Year: © 2011 DLT Atlantis Publishing Original Copyright Year: © 2006 Luna Brillante Publishing E-Book Version- All formats available including Kindle, IPhone E-book Suggested Retail Price: 99¢ AT SMASHWORDS Amazon Kindle Version: 99¢ Buy Now at Amazon     Continue Reading
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    Rise of the Ancients Annuna (Book Two of the Rise of the Ancients Saga)


      AnnunaCover_3dSynopsis : The latest two books of the Rise of the Ancients series combined into one action packed novel. Book II - Ancient Destruction picks up where Ancient Rising left off as Dan Ryan and Prometheus battles Zeus, Poseidon and the other Gods as they race to a secret location that could be the catalyst to saving mankind. While the battle wages on, we learn the origin of man, the rise to power of the Gods, and the fall of Atlantis. Finally, in BOOK III - Rise of the Annuna - Ryan must go through Heaven and Hell, face his own internal demons, and convince the Annuna to join in a climactic battle with humanity hanging in the balance.  Book Details: Printed version- Paperback, 292 pages, 5.0 x 8.0 in., ISBN-10: 0978527232 ISBN-13: 978-0978527235 Paperback Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 BUY NOW FROM AMAZON Copyright Year: © 2009 DLT Atlantis Publishing E-Book Version- All formats available including Kindle, IPhone Amazon Kindle Version: 99¢ Buy now From Amazon E-book Suggested Retail Price99¢ FROM SMASHWORDS         Continue Reading..
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    Nightmares From Eberus

    A Speculative Fiction short story collection by JC De La Torre

    Smashwords Best Seller –  August 8th-15th, 2010

    Official Website

    Book Details
    Author: JC De La Torre
    Printed version– Paperback, 264 pages, 5.0 x 8.0 in.,
    ISBN-10: 0978527240
    ISBN-13: 978-0978527242
    Paperback Suggested Retail Price: $9.99 BUY NOW FROM AMAZON
    E-Book Version- All formats available including Kindle, IPhone
    E-book Suggested Retail Price: $2.99 BUY NOW FROM SMASHWORDS
    Amazon Kindle Version: $2.99 Buy Now on Amazon
    E-Book ISBN:978-0-9785272-2-8
    Copyright Year: © 2010 DLT Atlantis Publishing
    E-Book Publisher: DLT Atlantis Publishing in association with Smashwords

    Genre: Speculative Fiction (Including Sci-Fi, Horror, Supernatural, the occult, and Fantasy)

    Synopsis: JC De La Torre – author of the critically acclaimed Rise of the Ancients saga – gives you a new speculative fiction collection featuring 10 astonishing stories. From the controversial Lucifer’s Lament and Killing Osama to the vampire yarn Serial and the time travel adventure Continuum Force, De La Torre touches all the genres of Spec Fic. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror – it’s all here.

    Nightmares From Eberus Line Up

    Now Available in paperback at:

     and wherever books are sold.

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    Continuum Force

    Continuum Force is a time travel science fiction action/adventure. Written in the style of those classic serials from days gone by, Continuum Force follows an elite military/civilian team that are brought together to investigate our past and try to develop capabilities for travel through space by the manipulation of time.

    On their first expedition – they discover an alien influence on human events. For reasons unknown, these aliens seemed to attempt to alter the course of human history.

    Its up to the Continuum Force to stop them.

    Visit the official Continuum Force website for more information.

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    Serial Vampire Series

    The Serial story line begins with a letter from the Vampire Allister Connacher. For two hundred years he’s preyed on mortals throughout the world and now his gaze is focused on you, the reader.

    In subsequent stories, we learn more about Allister the vampire, Jack The Ripper and Arianna Grayson – the recipient of Allister’s letter. We learn of the history of the true vampires, stripping away the centuries of myth and lore.

    We weep for their victims and try to understand the vampires brutal nature.

    These are stories of the true face of the monsters they prey upon us without our knowledge. They are the tales of fear, pain, and horror.

    In the face of evil, which would you choose – eternal life as a monster or death in the most horrible fashion imaginable?

    It is your choice.

    Visit the site for more info at


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