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    Serial Vampire Series

    Serial Vampire Series

    The Serial story line begins with a letter from the Vampire Allister Connacher. For two hundred years he’s preyed on mortals throughout the world and now his gaze is focused on you, the reader.

    In subsequent stories, we learn more about Allister the vampire, Jack The Ripper and Arianna Grayson – the recipient of Allister’s letter. We learn of the history of the true vampires, stripping away the centuries of myth and lore.

    We weep for their victims and try to understand the vampires brutal nature.

    These are stories of the true face of the monsters they prey upon us without our knowledge. They are the tales of fear, pain, and horror.

    In the face of evil, which would you choose – eternal life as a monster or death in the most horrible fashion imaginable?

    It is your choice.

    Visit the site for more info at