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    Monthly Archives: June 2016

    Filming Resumed on June 4th!

    After the Seekers took a week off to attend Timegate in Atlanta and MegaCon in Orlando, we were back at it this past weekend. It was a challenging filmshoot at both Hillsborough River State Park in Thonotasassa, Florida and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. When you’re a small production, you can’t lock down a set like you normally would, so the challenge is getting good audio without outside distractions like passers-by, kids screaming, vehicles revving up engines – things like that.

    In addition, unlike greenscreen, where you can some what control the elements, the heat of the Florida sun can take its toll, the humidity saps your strength and causes issues with the equipment plus you have to deal with bugs of all types, alligators and snakes. Its a challenge.

    Thankfully, our little team banded together and made the best of a very tough situation. We hopefully got all the footage we needed to make it all work.

    Here are some set pics for you to enjoy!

    6.4.16(1) 6.4.16(2) 6.4.16(3) 6.4.16(4) 6.4.16(5) 6.4.16(6) 6.4.16(7) 6.4.16(8) 6.4.16(9) 6.4.16(10) 6.4.16(11) 6.4.16(12) 6.4.16(13)