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    Monthly Archives: May 2016

    Episode 109 – Captain America, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and More

    JC and Rita give you an opinion packed episode of Transmissions From Atlantis. Covered in this one – The New Doctor Who Companion, John Barrowman’s potential return to the Whoniverse, Captain America Civil War, Game of Thrones, Prince and so much more!

    Transmissions From Atlantis 109 – Captain America, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and More

    • Opening
    • Rapid FIRE
      • The Jungle Book
      • Zootopia
      • Fear The Walking Dead
      • Supernatural
      • Sleepy Hollow
      • Stephen King’s Cell getting a movie
      • Stephen King’s The Mist is becoming a TV Series
      • New Han Solo Alden Ehrenreich
      • Jared Leto as Lestat in Interview Reboot
      • They’re combining Interview with a Vampire with The Vampire Lestat
      • Game of Thrones
    • Captain America Civil War
    • Doctor Who
      • The New Companion Pearl Mackie
      • Capaldi thinks this could be his last series.
      • Maise Williams (Alshildr/Me) is done with Doctor Who
      • John Barrowman to return?
    • Closing featuring Prince’s Sometimes It Snows in April



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    Day One and Two Are In the Books!

    We have begun principal photography for Seekers of the Lost Worlds. As with many productions, we’re not necessarily filming scenes in order so we actually are filming a little from each of the episodes. Its caused for a few costume changes and some other fun moments.

    Jim, Shanel, Allison and Debbie were fantastic this weekend. It was amazing that these were the first two days any of them had ever worked together. The chemistry was there from the start. We had a lot of fun! The Blackmagic Production camera is an amazing piece of equipment. It takes beautiful video with extreme clarity and gives you that epic film look and feel.

    Of course, its only as good as its operator and that’s one of the challenges when working with new equipment. Sometimes there’s a learning curve and we had a couple moments where I had to re-do a couple scenes because I didn’t follow focus properly. Frustrating for all but thankfully our wonderful cast was patient and understanding.

    Once we got it right, it looked great. Considering our budget, this will never be Captain America – Civil War but I think the enjoyment and fun the cast and crew are having filiming this series will translate onto the big screen and we’ll have something you’ll have great fun watching. At least thats my hope.

    When we do release, our subscription channel will allow you to have behind the scenes stuff like this little diddy here:

    The funny thing about this? We didn’t tell them until day of we were doing the wet scen. (Well, they had the script. Actors – its always important to pre-read…heh…heh…heh).

    Here are some other on location pics for you to enjoy! 5.6.16 5.7.16

    Working on the ChromaKey Studio and Principal Photography starts this week!

    Exciting times here for us Seekers. Our mini-series is going to begin filming this Friday! That’s right, Principal Photography is starting. Its felt like a long road to get here but its on us so quick it’s a little scary. As Negan in the Walking Dead said, “It’s about Pee Pee pants city right now.”

    Well, to be able to film chroma key (which for those not familiar with the term, it means to film with a green screen backdrop and place a background image or video behind your actors in post-production), you need a studio with an infinity cyc wall.

    We looked at several studios in Tampa and Orlando. Many were out of the price range for a micro-budget production like ours. Others would have green walls, but not floors or not have the rounded infinity curve we needed to really make the shots look realistic. Seekers won’t be entirely Green Screen, we will have some on location shooting as well, but a good percentage of the mini-series will indeed be chroma-keyed.

    We decided it would be more cost effective for us to spend some time and money constructing our own Chroma-Key studio.

    It took a couple weeks, but in the end we were very pleased with the results. And Friday – it begins its maiden voyage!

    AtlantisChromaKeyStudio_startAtlantisChromaKeyStudio_building AtlantisChromaKeyStudio_Finished