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    Monthly Archives: February 2014

    Episode 68 – Disney’s Frozen Phenomenon

    The new and improved Transmissions From Atlantis is on the air! JC and Rita have re-designed the show to have four major segments. It all begins with the main topic – which this week features a discussion on the phenomenon that is Disney’s Frozen. Disney experts Doctor Scott Viguie and NY Times Bestselling author Debbie Viguie join us for this discussion.

    Famous Cosplayer and Ken Spivey Band Member Allison Farrell joins Rita for a weekly segment on Cosplay. This week they talk about getting the most for your cosplay money. We introduce a new segment, TFA Audio Theater, featuring the gutwrenching first chapter of JC’s Atlantis adventure novel Ancient Rising.

    Finally, in our Doctor Who segment, we ponder what kind of Doctor Peter Capaldi will bring to us. Check out the new and improved Transmissions From Atlantis!

    Transmissions From Atlantis 68 Lineup 

    0:50 Opening

    4:05 Main Topic – Disney’s Frozen Phenomenon
    Featuring Dr. Scott and NY Times Best Selling Author Debbie Viguie. Why is Frozen so successful? Where does it rank among other Disney films? Where does Disney go next?

    31:39 Cosplay with Rita and Allison – Getting the Most for your money

    How did the girls get started in cosplay? How do you find bargains to complete your cosplay?

    51:50 TFA Audio Theater – Ancient Rising Chapter One

    Chapter One of JC’s epic novel is a gut wrenching lead into the amazing search for Atlantis. What set off Dan Ryan on his amazing adventure? Terrible tragedy.

    1:21:31 Doctor Who – What type of Doctor will Peter Capaldi be?

    JC and Rita look at Capaldi’s career and try to predict how he will play the Doctor.

    1:36:49 Closing – featuring the cover of “Let it Go” by Alex Boye

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    The LEGO Movie Review

    The Lego Movie

    The only people I can see having a problem with THE LEGO MOVIE are the same Batman fans who had a problem with the animated TV series “The Brave and The Bold.” Like THE LEGO MOVIE, “The Brave and The Bold wasn’t afraid to poke fun at Batman and lighten up the character. Plenty of Batman fans absolutely detested “The Brave and The Bold” as they thought it was outright blasphemy that any trace of humor or comedy should or could be associated with Batman. Those are the ones who need to stay away from this movie, then. Me, I got a kick out of a Lego Batman who flies around in a Lego Batplane with his girlfriend composing heavy metal songs about what it’s like to be Lego Batman.

    Emmet Brickowski (Chris Pratt) is a construction worker living in Bricksburg, a Lego city that apparently is one huge construction project. He cheerfully follows the instructions for his daily routine as laid out in his instruction manual and goes to work singing the only song that exists in this world; “Everything Is Awesome!” I song I guarantee you will absolutely not be able to get out of your head once you’ve heard it.

    One day at work Emmet finds a mysterious red brick that seems to speak to him and gives him visions. He passes out and upon awakening finds the brick attached to his back and himself in the custody of Bad Cop/Good Cop (Liam Neeson)  the chief henchman of Lord Business. (Will Ferrell) Lord Business has possession of The Kragle, a superweapon that he intends to use to freeze the various realms of The Lego Universe in place forever. The only thing that stands in his way is a prophecy that was spoken to him eight and a half years ago by the wizard Vitruvius (Morgan Freeman) that a person called The Special would use The Piece of Resistance to stop The Kragle.


    Emmet is rescued by Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks) from the clutches of Bad Cop/Good Cop and takes him to Vitruvius who explains that there are Master Builders fighting against Lord Business, so named because they are capable of building anything they need out of Legos without need of an instruction manual, simply using their own creativity. Other Master Builders are Lego versions of characters we’re familiar with such as Batman (Will Arnett) Superman (Channing Tatum) Green Lantern (Jonah Hill) Wonder Woman (Cobie Smulders) Shaquille O’Neal (Shaquille O’Neal) Abraham Lincoln (Will Forte) William Shakespeare. (Jorma Taccone) And a few other characters we’re meeting for the first time such as Metal Beard the Pirate (Nick Offerman) Benny The Space Guy (Charlie Day) and Princess Unikitty (Alison Brie) a unicorn/anime kitten hybrid whose unrelenting optimism and upbeat cheerfulness boarders on the frightening.

    Can Emmet overcome his lack of creativity and come up with a plan to unite The Master Builders into a team and defeat Lord Business? What is The Piece of Resistance and how exactly is it supposed to be used to stop The Kragle? And what is the secret of The Man Upstairs?

    Finding out the answers to these questions is a delight to find out as the characters do and you’ll have a good time doing so. A movie like this walks a fine line in entertaining kids while keeping adults engaged and the adults at the showing of THE LEGO MOVIE Patricia and I attended sounded like they were having just as much fun as their kids. I know we were.

    The more cynical among you would say that THE LEGO MOVIE is simply a 100 minute commercial to sell toys and you’d be wrong. The filmmakers have actually taken their time to tell a real story about creative freedom. Lord Business wants to lock everything into a set form, following a rigid set of rules and instructions while The Master Builders want everybody to be free to explore whatever it is they can dream up and create. But it doesn’t beat you over the head with that message and never forgets it’s supposed to be entertaining and funny as well. Chris Pratt is utterly charming as Emmet. Between this and “Guardians of The Galaxy” this is going to be a good year for him. Will Arnett walks off with the voice acting honors in this one as his Batman is so wickedly pompous. And Jonah Hill is right behind with his Green Lantern who so desperately wants to be Superman’s best bud and is constantly rebuffed by the Lego Man of Steel.

    But it’s not really fair to single out one or two because everybody gets a chance to shine with their characters and get their funny lines or scenes as the rollercoaster plot takes us through various Lego worlds and to the final confrontation with Lord Business that definitely did not end the way I thought it would.


    So should you see THE LEGO MOVIE? By all means. It’s got terrifically colorful animation and and an outstanding voice cast. The story is simple enough for kids to grasp but witty enough that it doesn’t insult the intelligence of adults. This is the best kind of movie. One that does not want to do anything but entertain, make you feel good and send you home with a smile on your face.


    Warner Animation Group/Village Roadshow Pictures, Directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller,Produced by Dan Lin and Roy Lee, Screenplay by Phil Lord and Chris Miller,Story by Dan Hageman, Kevin Hageman, Phil Lord and Chris Miller

    Based on Lego Construction Toys

    Rated PG

    100 minutes

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    Earth Station One Episode 203 – Surprising Deaths in Fiction

    Earth Station One Ep 203It’s time for the ESO Invitational Dead Pool! Mike, Mike, the award-winning author Bobby Nash, and Derrick Ferguson review some big-league fictional deaths that defied prediction and influenced storytelling forever. Plus, we also strap writer Adam Lance Garcia to The Geek Seat to see if the Green Lama can save him, and we share stories about our wonderful weekend at Con Nooga. All this, along with the usual Rants, Raves, Khan Report, and Shout Outs!

    Join us for yet another episode of The Earth Station One Podcast we like to call: Surprising Deaths in Fiction

    Table of Contents
    0:00:00 Intro / Welcome
    0:05:57 Rants & Raves
    0:23:11 Interview & Geek Seat w/ Adam Lance Garcia
    0:48:21 Surprising Death in Fiction
    1:47:32 Dr Geeks Moment of Science
    1:49:00 ESO Khan Report
    1:58:57 ESO Shout Outs & Show Close

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    3D printer Investigation Begins

    Now that we have survived the 50th anniversary of that little show from England, we can now reveal the conclusion of the contest between Doctor Geek and Professor Pedantic.

    This episode also marks the beginning of our investigation into the 3D printer. How long will it be before we can print a cup of Earl Grey tea?

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    Transmissions From Atlantis is looking to feature your audio drama show!

    Transmissions From Atlantis is starting an audio theater segment during our podcasts. We’ll have original content but we’re also looking to provide exposure to other audio dramas who might want to get the word out. We’re looking for Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror audio dramas that run about 25 minutes (or less) per episode.

    If you have a show you think we might be interested in – hit us up at (change the -at- to an @).

    The post Transmissions From Atlantis is looking to feature your audio drama show! appeared first on Transmissions From Atlantis.