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    Monthly Archives: January 2014

    Episode 65 – Joshua Black, Black Sails, Sleepy Hollow Finale and Cannibalistic Rats Ghost Ship

    We have a wild and crazy Transmissions From Atlantis for you this week. In a jam packed show, we give you the dish on a Ghost Ship infested by cannibalistic rats (and no, it’s not a SyFy movie – yet). We also talk to creator Martin Dunn about his comic Joshua Black and have a special announcement about a new project JC and Martin will be working on. Plus we give you our review of Sleepy Hollow’s season finale, review the latest Supernatural and give you a preview/review of episode one of Black Sails.

    In our Doctor Who news we tell you which awards the show has won, what the 12th doctor’s action figure tells us about his costume and which comic book company will be doing Doctor Who comics. Plus, we review Sword of Orion, an Eight Doctor audio adventure.

    All that, plus Daigon Alley Universal news and much, much more!

    Download now

    Lineup and Links after the jump

    Transmissions From Atlantis 65

    1:32 Opening

    4:16 News of the Weird

    10:10 Sci-Fi News

    30:31 Indy Comics

    55:44 Horror News

    • Sleepy Hollow Season Finale
    • Supernatural

    1:10:09 Doctor Geek’s Moment in Science

    1:12:18 Doctor Who

    1:27:25 Closing featuring Aloe Blacc’s I’m the Man

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    Earth Station Who Episode 60 – Torchwood

    Earth Station Who Ep 60The 21st century is when it all changes. One difference is the introduction of the first official Doctor Who spin off for mature viewers, Torchwood. Mike, Mike, Jen, Josh Wilson, and Jason De La Torre travel to Cardiff, London, the U.S., Shanghai, and Buenos Aires, following the exploits of Captain Jack Hartness, Gwen Copper, and company. Will we ever see the team again? Well, that’s classified information, but next time the world is going to hell, keep your eyes open for a black SUV.

    Earth Station Who E-store
    ESW on iTunes
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    The New ESO Window Sticker
    Make-A-Wish Foundation
    Transmission from Atlantis
    Big Finish – Luna Romona
    The Oncoming Storm Podcast
    If you would like to leave feedback or a comment on the show please call the ESW feedback line at (404)963-9057 (remember long distance charges may apply) or feel free to email us @

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    Ratchet RetroCast Episode 22 – There Can Be Only One (Podcast)!

    Ratchet RetroCast Ep 22The sensation you’re feeling, is the Quickening! Or the sweet sultry voice of Sean Connery? Join us this time as we delve into the mystical land of Egypt aside the Scottish Moors and talk about an 80’s cult classic: The Highlander! Joining us this week we have guest-host Dan Carroll back on to geek out over the movie and subsequent series in the 90’s, while Q attempts to bring up other aspects of the franchise better left to the sands of time. Also joining us for the Clockwork Quarter Hour is Nathaniel Johnstone! In addition, we also bring you a new segment: The Ratchet News Flash!

    Show Notes:
    The Soundtrack by Queen
    Highlander Cartoon
    ESO Ep. 141, Highlander (I Thought There Could Be Only One)
    Seriously Dan AM1270
    MomoCon Gaming Job Fair Kickstarter

    Ratchet News Flash:
    January 20, 1983 – Def Leppard releases Pyromania, with the track “Rock of Ages” which opens with the spoken lines “I’ve got something to say/ It’s better to burn out/ Than to fade away”
    January 1974 – Tactical Studies Rules, a fledgling company (at the time) of Gary Gygax, Don Kaye, and Brian Blume publish Dungeons & Dragons

    Clockwork Quarter Hour with Nathaniel Johnstone:
    The Nathaniel Johnstone Band

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    Movie review: ‘Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit’ an entertaining, if not ground-breaking, spy thriller

    By Ashley Bergner
    Box Office Buzz

    587802 KS_New_jackryanIt’s been more than a decade since CIA analyst Jack Ryan last appeared on the big screen. The character — created by military thriller author Tom Clancy — has been played, at times, by Alec Baldwin and Harrison Ford, and was last seen in the somewhat tepidly received “The Sum of All Fears,” starring Ben Affleck.

    Director Kenneth Branagh seeks to reboot the franchise and bring a fresh perspective to the character with “Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit,” now in theaters. He mostly succeeds, crafting an old-fashioned spy thriller that’s entertaining, if not ground-breaking.

    The film opens with a briskly moving prologue, starting with the moment Jack Ryan (Chris Pine) learns about the 9/11 terrorist attacks while studying at a university. He enlists in the military, is injured in a helicopter attack, and learns to walk again with the help of Dr. Cathy Muller (Keira Knightley), who later becomes his fiancée.

    Ryan’s knack for crunching numbers and handling himself well in combat catches the attention of CIA agent Thomas Harper (Kevin Costner), who recruits him to serve as an analyst for the CIA. Ryan is mostly working behind the scenes until he uncovers some suspicious financial activity tracing back to Russia. He’s sent into the field for the first time, where he quickly learns he may be in over his head — especially when it comes to outsmarting a Russian terrorist, Viktor Cheverin (Kenneth Branagh), who is planning an attack on Wall Street.

    Pine brings a sense of easy charisma to the role of Jack Ryan, whom Costner’s character jokingly refers to at one point as “a Boy Scout on a field trip.” He’s smart and tough, but also believably human. There’s a moment right after his first kill in the field where the full weight of what he’s just done hits him: he has a look of terror in his eyes, and he can’t stop his hands from shaking.

    It’s fun to see Branagh as the icy villain Cheverin, and Costner plays Agent Harper with a brusque efficiency. It took me a bit to get used to Knightley’s American accent, and her character’s sudden arrival in Russia — a surprise trip to visit her fiancé — does stretch the limits of believability. However, it’s forgivable since it leads to one of the most entertaining parts of the movie: watching Cathy match wits with Cheverin over dinner in Moscow.

    Although the film is entertaining and the cast is great, I do wish the writers had given the film a more original, meatier script. I would have liked to see Branagh try harder to push the limits of the spy/thriller genre, and I wish the writers had given Ryan a deeper, more intricate case to solve. The film doesn’t attain the same level of tension or style as recent spy flicks “Skyfall” or “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.” Still, it’s a fun, welcome addition to the normally lackluster January release schedule, and I’d like to see Pine take on the role of Jack Ryan again.

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    Fat Chance Trailer #1


    Deviant Pictures has released the first trailer for the comedy/horror flick, Fat Chance. ESO co-host Bobby Nash plays Clark Wagner in this movie and you can catch 3 quick shots of him in the trailer.

    Fat Chance Movie Poster

    Fat Chance Movie Poster

    About Fat Chance:

    From the sick minds behind The Hospital, FAT CHANCE stars Bree Olson (THE HUMAN CENTIPEDE III), Dick Warlock (HALLOWEEN II), Al Snow (WWE legend), Jim O’Rear (THE DEAD MATTER), Daniel Emery Taylor (THE RETURN OF SWAMP THING), and Scott Tepperman (GHOST HUNTERS INTERNATIONAL).

    THE BIGGEST LOSER meets FRIDAY THE 13TH. Ten overweight men appear on a weight loss reality show that threatens to push them to the edge. As contestants start to disappear in the night, it is up to the survivors to figure out what is going on. Are they sneaking away while everyone else sleeps? Has one of the contestants snapped? Or is something more nefarious going on?

    Fat Chance. Coming Soon.

    Watch the trailer here.


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