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    Monthly Archives: February 2013


    Darien is a gifted 14 year old boy who discovers that not only is he not human but he’s part of an ancient war between alien magical races. While he learns of his legacy, destiny and importance to the battle, Darien establishes bonds with new, strange friends and learns his magical craft of Kishpu.

    The first series would consist of all of the things above as well as setting up the mythology of the Sarru Kishpu, the world of Eridu and their enemies. We’re introduced to Darien’s three friends – Unura, Tirwa and Anthaar – each aliens with their own powers that become crucial in the end game. We’re introduced to the school – Lambdu Kishpu. We learn of the hierarchy of the royal court and parliament of Eridu. While the story starts on Earth, we will be taken to the far reaches of the galaxy, meet new races and discover strange new worlds.

    Find out more at the official website for the comic,!

    Ancient Rising – The 3D Audiobook Experience

    CDCover_3DShort Synopsis:

    Six years after its initial publication, Ancient Rising still captures the hearts and minds of adventurous readers (and now listeners) beginning their trek into the world of the Ancients. With Book I of the Rise of the Ancients saga, JC De La Torre puts together a fast paced adventure of a lifetime. Now, award winning radio theater artist Joe Bevilacqua breathes new life into the characters that make Ancient Rising one of the most exciting tales out there.

    Bevilacqua introduces you to the Bevo 3D Audiobook experience, designed to completely immerse you into the story. He weeps when the main character Dan Ryan loses someone close to him. He cries out when Ryan exclaims in pain. He becomes Ryan, Doc Constant, Mina, Hermes, and all of the colorful characters. JC De La Torre takes you on a breathless search for the lost continent of Atlantis and Bevilacqua delivers each and every action packed moment. From the debut of the Greek God Hermes, to the pits of Hades and the rise of Atlantis, Ancient Rising puts you on course for action-packed fun.

    ©2011 DLT Atlantis Publishing (P)2011 DLT Atlantis Publishing

    Audio Book Details:

    Author: JC De La Torre
    Narrator: Joe Bevilacqua
    ISBN-10: 0978527259
    ISBN-13: 9780978527259
    Running Time: 11 hours, 12 minutes
    Price: $20.99
    Format: MP3 Download

    Available now at:







    Check out the Three Chapter Preview








    Serial Vampire Series

    The Serial story line begins with a letter from the Vampire Allister Connacher. For two hundred years he’s preyed on mortals throughout the world and now his gaze is focused on you, the reader.

    In subsequent stories, we learn more about Allister the vampire, Jack The Ripper and Arianna Grayson – the recipient of Allister’s letter. We learn of the history of the true vampires, stripping away the centuries of myth and lore.

    We weep for their victims and try to understand the vampires brutal nature.

    These are stories of the true face of the monsters they prey upon us without our knowledge. They are the tales of fear, pain, and horror.

    In the face of evil, which would you choose – eternal life as a monster or death in the most horrible fashion imaginable?

    It is your choice.

    Visit the site for more info at


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